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Our Services…
          With quality, care and convenience in mind

With quality, care and convenience in mind, Paradise 4 Paws offers a host of services to cover you and your pet’s needs. Whether it’s overnight accommodations or doggie daycare, grooming or spa treatments, personal veterinarian visits or airport shuttle service, we’ve learned from personal experience what it takes to provide peace of mind to you and your pet. Unique indulgences? See our A-la-carte Services section.

Pet Fitness Overnight Bullet PicturePet Boarding
Pet Fitness Daycare Bullet PictureDog Daycare
Pet Fitness Grooming Bullet PictureParadise Spa & Grooming
Pet Fitness Massage Bullet PictureMassage Therapy
Pet Fitness Airport Bullet PictureAirport Parking & Transportation
Pet Fitness Pickup Bullet PicturePet Pick-up & Drop-off
Pet Fitness Training Bullet PictureDog Training
Pet Fitness Bullet PictureFitness & Wellness Program
Pet Fitness Vet Bullet PictureVet Visits
Pet Fitness Alacarte Bullet PictureA-la-carte Services
Pet Fitness Retail Bullet PictureRetail
Pet Fitness and Wellness Text Picture
Pet Fitness Treadmill Picture Paradise 4 Paws is pleased to offer a fitness and wellness program addressing both mental and physical health. For pooches who need extra exercise to maintain a healthy weight, work off excess energy, or just want more one-on-one time with a Team Member, we offer Treadmill Training, Swim / Splash Sessions, Individual Play / Fetch and Outdoor Hikes. To soothe anxiety or relax after a fitness session, we offer a Calming Massage. For mental stimulation, we offer a variety of Enrichment Training packages to add on to Doggie Daycare or an Overnight stay. Note: we are currently developing our Training program and Enrichment Training is not yet available.  Please contact us if you are interested and we will will reach out to you when it is available.

If you would like a customized Fitness & Wellness package, please contact us at (972) 456-0010 for a consultation.
Physical Fitness
Pet Fitness Treamill Paw Picture Treadmill Training
  • Yes, a specially designed treadmill for dogs! Perfect for that pooch with excess energy or to address a weight problem.
  • 10 minutes: $15
  • 15 minutes: $20
  • 30 minutes: $35
  • Package of four 30-minute sessions: $100
Pet Fitness Swim Paw Picture Splash / Swim
  • Private splash and/or swim sessions with one of our team members in the water with your pet. This is helpful for getting any dog comfortable around water and swimming and splashing through water is great exercise.
  • 10 minutes: $15
  • 20 minutes: $25
  • Package of three 20-minute sessions: $60
Pet Fitness Fetch Paw Picture Individual Play / Fetch
  • Whether your dog enjoys one-one-one playtime with a Team Member  or needs additional play time, individual play / fetch is the answer. This is a great option for the pooch that just loves to play fetch!
  • 15 minutes: $15
  • 30 minutes: $25
Pet Fitness Hike Paw Picture Outdoor Hike
  • As your pooch strolls outside, she will enjoy one-on-one time with a Team Member and benefit from added exercise and mental stimulation as she sniffs and explores.
  • 15 minutes: $20
  • 30 minutes: $30
Mental & Emotional Fitness
Pet Fitness Massage Paw Picture Calming Massage
  • The perfect option to soothe an anxious pooch, spoil your furry baby, or help her unwind after a fitness session. Let your pet enjoy the benefits of our massage and bodywork specialist. See our Massage Therapy page for more information.
  • 15 minutes: $25
  • 30 minutes: $45
  • 45 minutes: $60
  • Package of five 30-minute sessions: $200
Pet Fitness Training Paw Picture Enrichment Training – Coming soon
  • This is a great option for those smart pooches who need added mental stimulation. It is also a great option for any pooch who needs a quick refresher on basic skills and/or tricks. Training sessions are available in 15-minute increments in conjunction with a doggie daycare or overnight stay.  See our Training page for more information.
  • 15 minutes: $25
  • Package of three 15-minute sessions: $70
  • Package of five 15-minute sessions: $115
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During these peak occupancy periods, advance reservation with deposit is required and discounts and special offers do not apply.
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